Sunday, January 4, 2015

Una Semana de Bendiciones!! Monday, December 29, 2014

¡Hola mi Familia mio! 

¿¿Como Estan todos?? ¿Hay mucho nieve allá? haha you told me on Christmas that I don't speak spanish very much in my letters, so I thought I'd put some in there :) 
So this week has been a really great week. It is really starting to warm up here; it has been in the upper 90´s all week, and it is supposed to be getting even hotter! And not to mention the humidity... I am just glad that our shower doesn't have hot water, so I have a nice cold shower to look forward to every morning... Blessing!!  Haha I just keep thinking that if Mom was here, she would just be passing out all the time haha. But don't worry, i've been the water drill sergant. I make sure we always have water and I am always telling my companions to DRINK DRINNK DRINK! And anyone that I talk to about things, I always tell them to drink more water! But anyways... thats fun :)
So i'll give you a re-cap of the week. Monday we came to the officeds to use the computers then I just worked there the rest of the day on my projects. Poor hna Gonzalez, she gets so bored... I'm making a little book "The most common sickness for Missionaries". It just has really simple steps to do and information to be able to help themselves, like "what to do when my back hurts" and "when to call the nurse?" They are super easy to follow and have fun pictures ;) 
Tuesday, I went to the Dr. and she told me that I need to use the boot for another 2 weeks. But that I can start walking on my foot a little this week, but she told me "Tranquilo!!" meaning, "Take it easy!" Wooooooo........ Then a little later that day, Predsident asked me to do a special assignment. There was a brand new Hna that was sick inthe MTC so she needed to come here a week later. He asked me if I would be her comp for the next 2 days tol we take her to her comp. And I would be traveling with her and the Assts. out to the campo to take her the next day. Later that day she arrived! Hna Theobold de Utah :) And for lunch that day, President and Hna Robertson took us out to a really nice resturaunt. That was really fun. 
Then Thursday, I went on a road trip to campo with the Assistants and my temporary comp and it was really fun. Then later that day we had a big yummy dinner with member in the ward. It was asado, or BBQ. 
Then on Christmas, all my companions were super sick... haha. But we were able to go and talk to on skype!! Which was just the best thing ever. It was so great to talk to you and to see Sarah too!!!!!!!!!! 

So pretty much that is it. On Sunday, we had the lesson in RS about how we need to be greatful in all of our circumstances. I know it is so true. Once you start counting your blessings, you soon find out that there are too many to count!!! I know that this is the work of God, and that He has a great purpose for me, and he has a great purpose for all of you!! I love you, always try every day to be a little better. 

Happy New Year!!!

Love Hermana Gull :)  

Hola! Feliz Navidad!! Monday, December 22, 2014

So this week has really been pretty crazy and really great, all at the same time!! So this last Wednesday was our Mission Christmas P-Day!! It was so crazy to have the whole mission together at one place. We have a lot of missionaries!! 227 missionaries in our mission right now! It is so great. We started off the day with Transfers, it was a hoot!! Everyone so excited and cheering, transfer meetings are such a blast. So I am now serving in the zone of Ramos Mejía, so really close to the offices. Annnnnd I am now in a 4some!!! Haha yes, I have 3 companions!!! It is actually really fun. President told us that he has never done this before, and probably never will again, but he is doing everything he can to keep me in the mission :) So this way, there is always someone who can stay at home with me, and 2 other sisters can go out and work in the area. Our area looks really nice from my window, I'm excited to be here :) And at the transfer meeting, President had me stand up and he introduced me as the mission nurse! Haha it was exciting, everybody cheered for me. So I am going to be working in the office a couple days a week, and those days, the president's wife, Hermana Robertson will be my companion for the day. So every day is an adventure for sure. So ya... and then this last Saturday, we had a christmas party for our ward, and us for sang a couple christmas songs, it was fun! And there is this inactive lady that is now going to church because she has the assignment to drive us haha because I still can't walk. So she told me that I am the reason she is going back to church! Yay a blessing from having a hurt foot! Oh and I am finnishing up the training for one of my companions, it is super fun!
Anyways!! I hope you all have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! Remember that the Lord always has a plan for us. 
Love Hermana Gull

Hola!!! Tuesday, December 16, 2014

HOla hola!! 

Okay, I will put you all out of your misery. I was in the pench ( appartment) all week long, and with no news. Presidente told me that he still needed to pray and decide but that he was probably going to be sent home. So all week I was just praying so hard, and I was trying so hard to stay focused and study. But it was probably the hardest week of my life, not knowing what was going to happen!! But on Saturday morning, President called me and told me that he had been praying a thinking about me a lot. And he had decided to send me home, but then God told hiim NO WAY!! He told him that I have a great purpose here in the mission, and the my mission President needs to do anything and everything he can to keep me here and for me to do what the Lord has called me here to do. Haha I was SO HAPPY!!  He told me " So... I guess you are going to start working as the mission nurse, and we are going to have you work in the offices. But we still need to figure everything out.." Haha so yep. And he told me that he wants to give me a blessing when he sees me again. But I haven't got to see him yet becasue this week the new missionaries are coming in and the old missionaries are leaving. So he has been super duper busy. But Saturday, we were able to leave our apartment and help out in the offices with decorations and stuff. WE are going to have  Pday navidad this Saturday, and have transfers the same day!! It is going to be super crazy and awesome. 

I am so super grateful for this great trial in my life. Never in my life have I had the chance to stuy the scriptures so much and study about my Savior Jesus Christ. I want you to know that I have a testimony of my Savior. I know that he lives!! He knows each one of us, and he loves us all so so much!! He is soooo aware of every one of us. He knows what is going on in our lives, and he is just standing there waiting to help us. I know that Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers, becasue he has answered mine SO many times. I know that God knows all, literally he is in charge of our lives. He will direct our lives for the best if we turn our lives over to him. I am so greatful for trials D&C 121:7-8 and D&C 122:7-8, all these trials will give us experience and shall be for our good!! WE are so incredibly blessed. Whenever we are feeling down or depressed, just start counting your blessings, and forget about yourself! You will be so much happier, and you will be able to feel the love of the Lord in your lives! 
I love this gospel so much, and I am so grateful for the opprotunity to serve a mission! Feliz Navidad!!!

Hermana Leah Gull

PS I've got to do lots of little projects! haha

What a week. :) Monday, December 1, 2014

HOla hola!! 

Wow you sure had a busy week!! How wonderful! Yes I have a little trial.. haha, but it's all good. This week has been a really great week. Like I told you in my last letter, we found a really great family, and we are working with them! After our lesson on Monday, we left and the spirit was so strong! We were walking to bus and we just stopped on the side of the street and said a prayer because we are so greatful for the opprotunity to work with this amazing family! On Wednesday, we had divisions with the sister training leaders, and it was such a great experience!! I love having divisions, I always learn so much. Thursday we went back to Open-door and found a couple new investigators. And this week we get to start using the new initiave "He is the Gift"!! I am so excited! This is a wonderful time of year to find those who are honest of heart, becasue the whole world is celebrating the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ! I am so excited to talk to many people all about Jesus Christ and his restored Gospel! 
And just to put your minds at ease, I am okay :) Just a little sprain I think...  It happened on Friday night, we were running back to our appartment to be on time, and I stepped in a hole or something and twisted my same (previously injured) foot. I heard a crack and it was incredible pain. So we went to the city Ramos Mejia the next morning to go to the doctor. Ha I like the doctors in the States.. but they were pretty good. The first doctor looked at it and then I had an X ray. She said it was definately fractured. But she couldn't do anything for me there, so she sent me to another doctor. So we go to this other doctor, and he looked at the X ray and said " I dont know what your talking about, there is nothing wrong with your bone"... okay... but he told us that I need to get a boot from some place and not walk on it for at least 2 or 3 weeks. Ha great, that is exactly what I need... haha but I am trying to be really patient. It is just frustrating that I can't really work. I am going to be in our apartment for most of the week. When i do kind of walk on it it hurts, and the crutches are starting to break... haha oh joy. But things will work out!!I am going to learn all the medical words and study a lot these next 2 weeks, I think that will be a blessing :)

Love you lots and I'm so glad you were able to visit so much family and have a great Thanksgiving!!

Love Hermana Leah Gull

Good Morning Monday, November 24, 2014

Mama Thanks for that amazing letter!! Today is a really rainy day, but this last week has been really warm and beautiful! Mom, I LOVE ARGENTINA!!! I have finally realized that. It has taken a long time, and I pray every day that I can love this prideful God forsaken place. But I can honestly say that I love it here! There are really so many good people here, and I love my Branch! 

That is so great you go to go to the sealing for that family!! How wonderful! That is one huge blessing of serving a mission in the States, you can reconnect with people much easier haha. Wow what a blessing :) I can't believe that Thanksgiving is already coming so fast! That is so great that you are going to Aunt Holly's and Uncle Josh's house this year. How fun!! I hope you really enjoy it! They don't celebrate it here, because it is an American holiday, so it will be just another great day in the mission! Maybe I will cook something special for my comp that day... And honestly, I don't feel like I'm going to have a very hard time this Christmas, I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!! And it is almost summer here, so it doesn't feel like Christmas at all, I think that helps too haha. One member told me yesterday " Where you live, you are freezing on Christmas with all that snow and stuff! But here we get to have BBQs and play outside and have lots of fireworks! So, our Christmas is better than yours ;)"  Haha so the Christmas here is like our 4th of July I guess... And Thanks for the $$ ! I will buy myself something nice :) I am going to send the family a letter through the normal mail, So it may or may not be there for Christmas. But it is my Christmas present to you! You will have to let me know when it gets there. Layla is so great!! Give her a big hug for me!! 

Well this week I want to tell you of an experience that Hermana Woffendin and I had. We have been feeling a lot lately that we need to go to an area of our area that the missionaries haven't been for several months because it is just so far. It takes over an hour by bus, infact we have to change busses half way. But we have felt for several weeks that we need to go there, to Open-Door. So this last week we traveled to Open-Door with a member friend and we started contacting the references we had found in the Area Book. Then our friend mentioned a family so we went to find this family. Well we found them. The mom is Susana and she has 3 children who are all over the age of 8! And shortly after we got there her boyfriend came home from work. So we were able to teach the whole family except for the son who was at school. We learned that Susana and Ramon have a ticket to be married in January! (this alone is a miracle! NO one gets married here...) And the family had been taking discussions from the missionaries for 3 years, and had never gone to church. But they all commited to come to church, and they all accepted a date to be baptized in January. And on Sunday, they all came to church exept for Ramon, who promised to come next week.They all had a great time at church! We are very excited for this family, they are so great!! I know that God has answered our prayers to find a family, and I know that He led us to Open-Door to find this family who is prepared. 

Also, this week we had our Zone Conference with President Robertson and his wonderful wife. I just love them!! We learned about how we need to follow the Spirit in our lessons. We need to not teach for so much time, and do not invite someone to be baptized if the spirit is not there. He told us " I know you are all accustomed to invite in the first lesson to be baptized. But if the spirit does not tell you to do so, dont do it." Everyone was really shocked, haha but OF COURSE we should follow the Spirit!!! It is not that he doesn't want us to invite people to be baptized, but he wants us to follow the spirit and not be rude pushy people. So we are excited for this new change in our mission. I think we will have a lot of success :)

Well have a great time in Idaho this weekend!! Tell everyone hi for me! And have a great Thanksgiving!! And please be safe on the snowy roads! You too BEN!! (Don't hit anymore deer with Franola! ;) ) 

Hermana Leah Gull 

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Hola hola de Argentina :) Monday, October 27, 2014


This week has been a pretty great week. We don't have too many progressing investigators right now, so we are looking a fool! (we are looking and working like crazy people) Haha. So this week, we knocked a lot, and a lot more doors. We are also working with the members and the less active memberds to strengthen them. We have this one investigator Yamilla. She is really great :) When we came to visit her for the 2nd time, we asked her if she had read the little part in the BOM that we asked her to read, and she said yes. Then she proceeded to tell us the story of Nephi, and his brothers, and his dad Lehi, and how they left Jerusalam and then went back and got the plates, and more haha. My companion and I were so pleasantly surprised! She had read like 6 chapters! Ohhhh I love little miracles. And she has been praying. The next day we had the prompting to go visit her again, even though it wasn't in our plans. So we went, and we got to meet her boyfriend, and he is our new investigator! She has been helping him pray and stuff, awesome. 
The weather has been getting really pretty warm, haha and wow it is so humid! But I am getting pretty tan... haha. 

So I have been out in Argentina for a whole month already! Crazy how time flys. So I decided to share with you the 10 most important things I have learned in my first month.

1. God really does answer our prayers. The other day, we realllllllly needed 3 more investigators. We were looking all day, with no sucess. So i said a prayer, then we met a woman and had a lesson with her and her 2 kids! haha 3 new investigators... miracle!
2. Humidity = sticky
3. The Spirit speaks perfect spanish, even if I do not :)
4. Trust in the Lord, and have the courage to follow the promptings.
5. You can never have too much dulce de leche!! ( my new favorite food, it has taken the place of peanut butter... for now)
6. If I don't like the food, eat it anyways
7. Attitude is everything!
8. Conversion is a process
9. Dont flush the toilet paper...ya...
10. There are little miracles every day! Look for them.

I love you all! Hope you have a great week :)

Love Hermana Gull

Welcome Spring :) Monday, October 20, 2014

Hola everyone!!

Well things are starting to warm up here in Argentina, Spring is here. Some days are kind of hot, haha but others it rains a lot. So it is always an adventure. 

First of all, I want to testify of the power of the Priesthood. Last week I was telling you that I was pretty sick, then I got a blessing from the president of our Branch. I can tell you, the next day I was almost completely better!! It was literally a miracle. I have never been healed that fast. I know that Heavenly Father knows that I need to be able to work. And that is exactly what we been doing. We don´t have a lot of investigators, so we do a lot of knocking doors. We have had some sucess... haha it is always a work in progress. But something cool did happen this week. We were standing outside of our recent converts house, and a man on a bike told us to come talk to him. He said that he wants to change his life and that he wants to go to our church. And he asked us if we could teach him. So of course we said yes and took down his name and where he lived... his directions were kind of confusing. His name is Mario. So later that day, we went on our search to find him. Well we went to the house he told us, and the man that came out to talk to us was not the same man... we asked, " is your name Mario?" he said, yes. We asked him if it was him that talked to us that morning, and he said that he had no idea who we were. We thought... weird... haha. But we decided to teach him and his family. They had actually taken some missionary discussions about a year ago. So we are going to continue to teach them. Haha miracles happen every day. And we are still in search of that man who talked to us in the street.
We have decided to try to take a new stragety, we are working closely with the President of our Branch, and we are going to work on bringing back the less actives, and work through our members to find new investigators. So I have great faith that we will be able to find success. 

My companion Hermana Godoy and I decided that we are secret agents and that we are on a rescue mission. Our name is Agent G haha. I love being a missionary, even if it is super hard. I know that the Lord blesses us. 

I love the story in Alma about Captain Moroni. He had really prepared his people! The lamanites were fearful of the Nephites because they were to well armed. Alma 43:19,21. I know that we are all fighting the war of sin, we need to be well armed! Read your scriptures, pray every day. 

I love you all. Take care!

Love Hermana Gull