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Love Life :) Monday, October 6, 2014


So this week has been quite an interesting week! But it has been so great. For you Mom and Dad, yes I am safe. I´m not sure if you heard, but i´m guessing that you heard about how my Mission President was kidnapped last week. But I want you to know that he is home, and he and his family are doing great. I had the chance to go to the mission office this week because my companion is the sister training leader and there were some training meetings there. So I got to talk to President, and I got to spend a lot of time with Hermana Robertson (his wife). And I can assure you that God is a God of miracles! Heavenly Father watches out for his missionaries, and I know that we are protected. And Dad, haha yes I have a bed and a fully working bathroom and a stove and fridge in my apartment. We are truely blessed

Conference was so amazing!!! I absolutely loved being able to hear the words of the prophets. They gave me so many insights and really strengthened me. And it was a huge blessing because me and a couple other misisonaries had the ability to watch the conference in English! I watched the first part of the Womens conference in Spanish... and I didn´t really get anything.. haha. So I am so happy that I had the ability to understand the words of the Prophets in my own language. 

My biggest miracle this week is that we have this investigator named Daniel. He has a great desire to learn about God and Jesus Christ. And everything we teach him, we ask him, ¨do you believe this is true?", He always says, " yes, of course it is true. I know that." Haha so he just makes my day every time we see him. And we invited him to come to Conference this weekend, but we were not sure if he would come. But he did come! And ohhhh man it made me so happy! He said that he really enjoyed it. This was literally a miracle because it rained like crazy the last couple days, so no one left their houses, and there were so few numbers there at the conference. But when we called Daniel to see if he was coming, he told us " I don´t care if it is raining like crazy, i´m commin!" Haha. I can see how Heavenly Father has softened his heart, and we continue to hope and pray and work with him more. And hopefully he will be baptized this month. 

A funny moment from this week obviously has to do with the language... haha. So we were riding our bikes, and my companion darts across this road, and a man on a bike stopped for us to pass, and as we passed he shouted something at us. I was grateful that he stopped for us so I smiled and waved as I said, "Gracias!" The man started laughing... Then my companion asked me, " do you know what he just said to us?" No... She said, " He just said, you crazy girls you are going to break your heads!" Haha I just laughed, little innocent me. I love funny moments like that. And the other night it took me 5 minutes to figure out what a young man from our branch was asking me "how do you get by without knowing the language?" Haha when i finally figured out what he was saying, we all laughed, and I said, "clearly it is very difficult for me, but my companion helps me a lot." And it is so true! I am so grateful for her. 

I know that the Lord is watching out for me, and He is helping me. I continue to have faith and press on! I am so happy to be a missionary. I hope all is going well at home! I love you all, I pray for you every day. 

Sorry my pictures didn´t work last time... I don´t know why. I may try again. By the way, we are not allowed to receive any packages at all. But if you want to try, you can send a padded envelope in the mail. And if you want to attempt to send me a letter, this is the address. 

Hermana Leah Gull
Argentina Buenos Aires West Mission
La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos
de los Ultimos Dias; C.C. No. 92
1702 Ciudadela, Buenos Aires

Confía en el Señor!
Hermana Gull

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