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Una Semana de Bendiciones!! Monday, December 29, 2014

¡Hola mi Familia mio! 

¿¿Como Estan todos?? ¿Hay mucho nieve allá? haha you told me on Christmas that I don't speak spanish very much in my letters, so I thought I'd put some in there :) 
So this week has been a really great week. It is really starting to warm up here; it has been in the upper 90´s all week, and it is supposed to be getting even hotter! And not to mention the humidity... I am just glad that our shower doesn't have hot water, so I have a nice cold shower to look forward to every morning... Blessing!!  Haha I just keep thinking that if Mom was here, she would just be passing out all the time haha. But don't worry, i've been the water drill sergant. I make sure we always have water and I am always telling my companions to DRINK DRINNK DRINK! And anyone that I talk to about things, I always tell them to drink more water! But anyways... thats fun :)
So i'll give you a re-cap of the week. Monday we came to the officeds to use the computers then I just worked there the rest of the day on my projects. Poor hna Gonzalez, she gets so bored... I'm making a little book "The most common sickness for Missionaries". It just has really simple steps to do and information to be able to help themselves, like "what to do when my back hurts" and "when to call the nurse?" They are super easy to follow and have fun pictures ;) 
Tuesday, I went to the Dr. and she told me that I need to use the boot for another 2 weeks. But that I can start walking on my foot a little this week, but she told me "Tranquilo!!" meaning, "Take it easy!" Wooooooo........ Then a little later that day, Predsident asked me to do a special assignment. There was a brand new Hna that was sick inthe MTC so she needed to come here a week later. He asked me if I would be her comp for the next 2 days tol we take her to her comp. And I would be traveling with her and the Assts. out to the campo to take her the next day. Later that day she arrived! Hna Theobold de Utah :) And for lunch that day, President and Hna Robertson took us out to a really nice resturaunt. That was really fun. 
Then Thursday, I went on a road trip to campo with the Assistants and my temporary comp and it was really fun. Then later that day we had a big yummy dinner with member in the ward. It was asado, or BBQ. 
Then on Christmas, all my companions were super sick... haha. But we were able to go and talk to on skype!! Which was just the best thing ever. It was so great to talk to you and to see Sarah too!!!!!!!!!! 

So pretty much that is it. On Sunday, we had the lesson in RS about how we need to be greatful in all of our circumstances. I know it is so true. Once you start counting your blessings, you soon find out that there are too many to count!!! I know that this is the work of God, and that He has a great purpose for me, and he has a great purpose for all of you!! I love you, always try every day to be a little better. 

Happy New Year!!!

Love Hermana Gull :)  

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