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Good Morning Monday, November 24, 2014

Mama Thanks for that amazing letter!! Today is a really rainy day, but this last week has been really warm and beautiful! Mom, I LOVE ARGENTINA!!! I have finally realized that. It has taken a long time, and I pray every day that I can love this prideful God forsaken place. But I can honestly say that I love it here! There are really so many good people here, and I love my Branch! 

That is so great you go to go to the sealing for that family!! How wonderful! That is one huge blessing of serving a mission in the States, you can reconnect with people much easier haha. Wow what a blessing :) I can't believe that Thanksgiving is already coming so fast! That is so great that you are going to Aunt Holly's and Uncle Josh's house this year. How fun!! I hope you really enjoy it! They don't celebrate it here, because it is an American holiday, so it will be just another great day in the mission! Maybe I will cook something special for my comp that day... And honestly, I don't feel like I'm going to have a very hard time this Christmas, I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!! And it is almost summer here, so it doesn't feel like Christmas at all, I think that helps too haha. One member told me yesterday " Where you live, you are freezing on Christmas with all that snow and stuff! But here we get to have BBQs and play outside and have lots of fireworks! So, our Christmas is better than yours ;)"  Haha so the Christmas here is like our 4th of July I guess... And Thanks for the $$ ! I will buy myself something nice :) I am going to send the family a letter through the normal mail, So it may or may not be there for Christmas. But it is my Christmas present to you! You will have to let me know when it gets there. Layla is so great!! Give her a big hug for me!! 

Well this week I want to tell you of an experience that Hermana Woffendin and I had. We have been feeling a lot lately that we need to go to an area of our area that the missionaries haven't been for several months because it is just so far. It takes over an hour by bus, infact we have to change busses half way. But we have felt for several weeks that we need to go there, to Open-Door. So this last week we traveled to Open-Door with a member friend and we started contacting the references we had found in the Area Book. Then our friend mentioned a family so we went to find this family. Well we found them. The mom is Susana and she has 3 children who are all over the age of 8! And shortly after we got there her boyfriend came home from work. So we were able to teach the whole family except for the son who was at school. We learned that Susana and Ramon have a ticket to be married in January! (this alone is a miracle! NO one gets married here...) And the family had been taking discussions from the missionaries for 3 years, and had never gone to church. But they all commited to come to church, and they all accepted a date to be baptized in January. And on Sunday, they all came to church exept for Ramon, who promised to come next week.They all had a great time at church! We are very excited for this family, they are so great!! I know that God has answered our prayers to find a family, and I know that He led us to Open-Door to find this family who is prepared. 

Also, this week we had our Zone Conference with President Robertson and his wonderful wife. I just love them!! We learned about how we need to follow the Spirit in our lessons. We need to not teach for so much time, and do not invite someone to be baptized if the spirit is not there. He told us " I know you are all accustomed to invite in the first lesson to be baptized. But if the spirit does not tell you to do so, dont do it." Everyone was really shocked, haha but OF COURSE we should follow the Spirit!!! It is not that he doesn't want us to invite people to be baptized, but he wants us to follow the spirit and not be rude pushy people. So we are excited for this new change in our mission. I think we will have a lot of success :)

Well have a great time in Idaho this weekend!! Tell everyone hi for me! And have a great Thanksgiving!! And please be safe on the snowy roads! You too BEN!! (Don't hit anymore deer with Franola! ;) ) 

Hermana Leah Gull 

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