Sunday, January 4, 2015

What a week. :) Monday, December 1, 2014

HOla hola!! 

Wow you sure had a busy week!! How wonderful! Yes I have a little trial.. haha, but it's all good. This week has been a really great week. Like I told you in my last letter, we found a really great family, and we are working with them! After our lesson on Monday, we left and the spirit was so strong! We were walking to bus and we just stopped on the side of the street and said a prayer because we are so greatful for the opprotunity to work with this amazing family! On Wednesday, we had divisions with the sister training leaders, and it was such a great experience!! I love having divisions, I always learn so much. Thursday we went back to Open-door and found a couple new investigators. And this week we get to start using the new initiave "He is the Gift"!! I am so excited! This is a wonderful time of year to find those who are honest of heart, becasue the whole world is celebrating the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ! I am so excited to talk to many people all about Jesus Christ and his restored Gospel! 
And just to put your minds at ease, I am okay :) Just a little sprain I think...  It happened on Friday night, we were running back to our appartment to be on time, and I stepped in a hole or something and twisted my same (previously injured) foot. I heard a crack and it was incredible pain. So we went to the city Ramos Mejia the next morning to go to the doctor. Ha I like the doctors in the States.. but they were pretty good. The first doctor looked at it and then I had an X ray. She said it was definately fractured. But she couldn't do anything for me there, so she sent me to another doctor. So we go to this other doctor, and he looked at the X ray and said " I dont know what your talking about, there is nothing wrong with your bone"... okay... but he told us that I need to get a boot from some place and not walk on it for at least 2 or 3 weeks. Ha great, that is exactly what I need... haha but I am trying to be really patient. It is just frustrating that I can't really work. I am going to be in our apartment for most of the week. When i do kind of walk on it it hurts, and the crutches are starting to break... haha oh joy. But things will work out!!I am going to learn all the medical words and study a lot these next 2 weeks, I think that will be a blessing :)

Love you lots and I'm so glad you were able to visit so much family and have a great Thanksgiving!!

Love Hermana Leah Gull

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