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Welcome Spring :) Monday, October 20, 2014

Hola everyone!!

Well things are starting to warm up here in Argentina, Spring is here. Some days are kind of hot, haha but others it rains a lot. So it is always an adventure. 

First of all, I want to testify of the power of the Priesthood. Last week I was telling you that I was pretty sick, then I got a blessing from the president of our Branch. I can tell you, the next day I was almost completely better!! It was literally a miracle. I have never been healed that fast. I know that Heavenly Father knows that I need to be able to work. And that is exactly what we been doing. We don´t have a lot of investigators, so we do a lot of knocking doors. We have had some sucess... haha it is always a work in progress. But something cool did happen this week. We were standing outside of our recent converts house, and a man on a bike told us to come talk to him. He said that he wants to change his life and that he wants to go to our church. And he asked us if we could teach him. So of course we said yes and took down his name and where he lived... his directions were kind of confusing. His name is Mario. So later that day, we went on our search to find him. Well we went to the house he told us, and the man that came out to talk to us was not the same man... we asked, " is your name Mario?" he said, yes. We asked him if it was him that talked to us that morning, and he said that he had no idea who we were. We thought... weird... haha. But we decided to teach him and his family. They had actually taken some missionary discussions about a year ago. So we are going to continue to teach them. Haha miracles happen every day. And we are still in search of that man who talked to us in the street.
We have decided to try to take a new stragety, we are working closely with the President of our Branch, and we are going to work on bringing back the less actives, and work through our members to find new investigators. So I have great faith that we will be able to find success. 

My companion Hermana Godoy and I decided that we are secret agents and that we are on a rescue mission. Our name is Agent G haha. I love being a missionary, even if it is super hard. I know that the Lord blesses us. 

I love the story in Alma about Captain Moroni. He had really prepared his people! The lamanites were fearful of the Nephites because they were to well armed. Alma 43:19,21. I know that we are all fighting the war of sin, we need to be well armed! Read your scriptures, pray every day. 

I love you all. Take care!

Love Hermana Gull

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