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Week 5 MTC (CCM) Saturday, September 13, 2014


I am so happy to hear that Dawnica and Kody had their new baby!! And Linkoln Jex Jensen is a PERFECTO NOMBRE!! The pictures are so so cute!! I am so happy for you. And I wish I could hold him! I am glad he is doing better now. I have been praying for Dawnica and Linkoln all week. Que animado!! Dad, I am so sorry to hear that you are sick again this week :( I will pray for you as well. That is no fun, no bueno y no divertido. Se siente mejor pronto!! That is fun that you are canning peaches though! Maybe there will still be some left when I get home haha. 

So this week has been a great learning week. It has been kind of difficult because there is this nasty cold bug that has decided to invade my district. So a few of the Elders and Hermana Story and I have been pretty sick this week. So it has been interesting because I have been trying to help the other missionaries feel  better, while trying to coordinate companion splits for missionaries going to the doctor and splits for missionaries staying home sick. I haven't stayed home cuz I don't have the time haha. And I luckily only have a nasty cough, I can't breathe very well, but I can still think and study, so I am blessed! It has been a pretty busy week as well because we had a new batch of missionaries come in! It is so crazy, we just barely sent off our "old ones" and now we are the "old ones" in the zone.... weird. It is so fun being the Sister training leader because I get to know a lot of the sister missionaries on a more personal basis. It amazes me how prepared these missionaries are! They are so young, yet they are so pumped and ready to learn and preach the gospel. The work is really rolling forth! 
One of my biggest trials this week is trying to help my companion. She has been getting really stressed about everything, so I have been trying to help her be not so stressed and to be more confident in herself. She is an amazing missionary! Her testimony is so strong, and she really loves her Heavenly Father. She is a great example to me. We are learning how to be more patient with each other and we are learning how to work and teach with each other. 

One of my favorite things this week is having trials. When I have trials, Heavenly Father can help me over come them and they can become my strengths. They are not super strong yet.. but they will get there. One morning I was in my classroom just praying for Heavenly Father to help me and my companion learn how to prepare and teach better together. Then right after I said the prayer, a teacher walked in the room, her name is Hermana Martinez. She called for me and my companion to come with her. She took us to an empty classroom and said, "your teacher has told me that you two need help teaching your lessons, is that correct? Well I want to help you." I almost wanted to cry. She worked with us for 2 hours and told us that we can come find her to help us out any time we need to. It was such a blessing. And our lessons went so much better that day! Heavenly Father really does answer prayers. 
Another cool thing this week, my investigator Ivette is getting baptized! Haha for real. She is getting baptized on October 6th. She has already been meeting with the missionaries, but she decided to come be an "investigator" at the MTC because her friend told her that this would be a good way to know more. So she came and she is so amazing !! I am so thankful for the experience I have had to get to know her. Man I just love her. 

Another exciting thing... I got my travel papers!! My visa came through, and I will be flying out to Argentina next Monday! I leave the MTC at 6:00 am, so not early I'm thankful. And I will get to Argentina on September 23 at like 8:30 am :) I will get to call home from the Airport. Which I am looking forward to :) 

This week I was studying in 3 Nephi chapter 11 when Christ comes to the Americas. When Christ came He said, "Arise and come forth unto me that ye may thrust your hands into my side, and also that ye may feel the prints of the nails in my hands and in my feet that ye may know that I am the Gd of Israel, and the God of the whole earth, and have been slain for the sins of the world." Then, every single person who was there went up, one by one and did learn for themselves, and id feel His hands. Can you imagine what that would be like??  There were hundreds, maybe thousands of people, and Christ invited every single one of them to come unto Him and see. Oh how merciful and loving is our God! Oh how wonderful is our Savior! He loves all His children so much, and He wants every single one of them to come unto Him. That is my purpose, to "invite others come unto Christ". Then I was thinking about Elder Holland's talk, "The First and Greatest Commandment" when Jesus ask's Peter, do you love me? I put my self in Peter's shoes. "The Savior asked me, "Hermana Gull, do you love me?" I answered, Yea Lord, I do love thee." Then He asked again, "Hermana Gull, do you love me?" I answered again with my heart burning, "Yea Lord, I do love thee." Then the Savior asked me a third time, "Leah, Hermana Gull, do. you. love me?" I answer with a firm conviction of heart, "Yea Lord, thou knowest I love thee." the Savior responded, "Then feed my sheep."
I know that there is no way I could ever repay my Savior. But I know that going on a mission is a step into the right direction. I have to live and try to become my very best, and with the Grace of my Savior, it will be enough. 

I love you all so much! Thanks for the prayers and for  your examples to me. 

Love Hermana Gull

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