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Hola hola de Argentina :) Monday, October 27, 2014


This week has been a pretty great week. We don't have too many progressing investigators right now, so we are looking a fool! (we are looking and working like crazy people) Haha. So this week, we knocked a lot, and a lot more doors. We are also working with the members and the less active memberds to strengthen them. We have this one investigator Yamilla. She is really great :) When we came to visit her for the 2nd time, we asked her if she had read the little part in the BOM that we asked her to read, and she said yes. Then she proceeded to tell us the story of Nephi, and his brothers, and his dad Lehi, and how they left Jerusalam and then went back and got the plates, and more haha. My companion and I were so pleasantly surprised! She had read like 6 chapters! Ohhhh I love little miracles. And she has been praying. The next day we had the prompting to go visit her again, even though it wasn't in our plans. So we went, and we got to meet her boyfriend, and he is our new investigator! She has been helping him pray and stuff, awesome. 
The weather has been getting really pretty warm, haha and wow it is so humid! But I am getting pretty tan... haha. 

So I have been out in Argentina for a whole month already! Crazy how time flys. So I decided to share with you the 10 most important things I have learned in my first month.

1. God really does answer our prayers. The other day, we realllllllly needed 3 more investigators. We were looking all day, with no sucess. So i said a prayer, then we met a woman and had a lesson with her and her 2 kids! haha 3 new investigators... miracle!
2. Humidity = sticky
3. The Spirit speaks perfect spanish, even if I do not :)
4. Trust in the Lord, and have the courage to follow the promptings.
5. You can never have too much dulce de leche!! ( my new favorite food, it has taken the place of peanut butter... for now)
6. If I don't like the food, eat it anyways
7. Attitude is everything!
8. Conversion is a process
9. Dont flush the toilet paper...ya...
10. There are little miracles every day! Look for them.

I love you all! Hope you have a great week :)

Love Hermana Gull

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