Saturday, January 3, 2015

First week in Argentina!!

Hola mis familia y amigas!!!

This week has been one for the record books, haha ya it has been pretty crazy. So yes, i did make it safely to Argentina! It was a very long 2 days of traveling, but it was great.  When i first got into the airport... i seriously thought, "what in the world did they teach me in the MTC because it is not this language!" Haha... but that is okay. The first night we went to the temple and took pictures, and then to our presidents house to do training and have iterviews with the president. The president and hermana Robertson are so great!!!!!!!!! And i love their family! The interview with president was so great, he told me that he is so excited to have me as the mission nurse and that they desperately need my help. But first i need to learn the language, so I am going to be a missionary for the first 3-6 months then he said "we´ll put you to work!"... haha so whatever that means. So my new companion is Hermana Godoy! She is from honduras and when i first met her i was scared that she didn´t speak any english, but she actually speaks english really well! Which is such a tender mercy for me. She is so wonderful and a great missionary. I also love how sassy she is haha. So we are in an area called Luj├ín. It is out in the campo! So we are about an hour or so out of the capital, and we are in the poorest area of the zone. We have bikes! haha my legs are going to get so buff. When I first saw my apartment, i thought it was really poor and like old... but since going around this week, i have learned that our apartment is SO nice! We have elecricty and running water, and tile floor and we have a table and chairs. We are so blessed. There are many people that live in tin shacks or little houses made from wood or these large hallow red bricks. And some people dont even have any furniture in their houses.There are some paved roads in the "richer areas" but the places we go are mostly all dirt roads. Haha and when it rains, it pours. So we often wear big rain boots... which is not exactly what i imagined a sister missionary wearing, but it is much better that way haha. The people here are all so friendly! You can literally walk past or up to anyone and say hi how are you, and everyoe says "ciao" in passing. And everyone greets each other with a kiss on the cheek even when you don´t know them at all, it shocked me at first but now i am used to it. But of course we can only receive and give kisses to other women, not any guys. 
This week has been a little bit of a challenge because i literally could not understand a single thing these people were saying haha... they all speak so fast and they barely open thier mouths when they speak. They also dont speak "spanish", they speak castellano, so they say "sh" every time there is a y or a ll, and a LOT of the words are different than in spanish. So I am learning... haha every day i can pick up a little more. My companion has to translate a lot, and every lesson i always add my testimony or say a prayer, or i at least contribute somehow. I am getting a little better every day. And even though I really dont understand anything, i can feel the spirit so much, because i know the Lord speaks every language.  I know the Lord will help me. I love being a missionary and going out and just talking and teaching people all day! It is like one big adventure, and you all know how much I love going on adventures 
Yesterday in church they called me up and asked me to bare my testimony, haha nerve wracking... but i did it. Haha it was very short, and to the point, and I am just glad that they could understand me. It was a great experience. 
It is good to hear that everything is going well at home! Thanks for all your prayers and for your support. I have the best family in the world. This week i have been studying about Ammon and the other sons of Mosiah. They were such stellar missionaries! I know it is because they worked hard and they trusted in the Lord. 
I love you all!

Love Hermana Gull

p.s. please send this to aunt nadine, i don´t have her address. 
pss. the mailing system is pretty bad here, but you can still try to send me letters if you want. I dont have the address this week, but i will have it next week. 

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